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My name is Sarah.

Some of my favorites include: coffee shops, rainy days, a well-crafted sentence, and a beautiful work of art. 


Some dislikes include: having my photo taken, going grocery shopping, and driving in traffic. 

My motto is: Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story is worthy of being shared. 

Let's Live a Mission-Driven 2021!

Recently, I realized that I take some of Jesus's words literally, while ignoring others. But I want to take him at his word in 20201. I want to reorient my priorities around his commands to love "the least of these." I created a framework to strategically and prayerfully plan my giving and volunteering based on one of Jesus's most famous sermons.

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Sarah's Recent Books

The Strategic Whimsy Experiment

Film lovers come together weekly to discuss a movie that’s important to them. Each episode of The Strategic Whimsy Experiment is steeped in their passion for stories and connection. Join in the conversation about the films that shape our lives!

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