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My name is Sarah.

Author | Business Builder | Philanthropist

Some of my favorites include: coffee shops, rainy days, a well-crafted sentence, and a beautiful work of art. 


Some dislikes include: having my photo taken, going grocery shopping, and driving in traffic. 

My motto is: Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story is worthy of being shared. 


It's surreal that I'm able to describe myself as an author but that's exactly what I am. I am immensely thankful that I've achieved a lifelong goal by the age of 27. One down, about a million to go! 


Moral of the story: I love to write and have approximately 8,000 ideas, so you can find my writing in a few different places on the interwebs. 


If you're an aspiring writer, a first-time blogger, an author with a completed manuscript, or anywhere in between, I would love to chat with you!

Schedule a call today! 

Business Builder.

I am passionate about small businesses! 


If you're an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, you rock!


I would love to chat with you about your business idea, trouble-shoot through a problem with you, or point you to some life-giving resources for your particular business.

Schedule your meeting today!



This is my favorite part of it all! 


Philanthropy is more than just throwing money at problems or talking about throwing money at problems but should be rooted in strategic generosity. I believe that we're presented with opportunities for generosity every day if we just pay attention and have the courage to act. 


Volunteer to help a cause you care about. 

Be kind to that unkind person.

Serve someone in your family our household.

Donate to an organization that's important to you.


I have big dreams for the future: revitalizing rundown cities, partnering with non-profits in low-income areas, and setting up the next generation for success, but I'm not in a place to do those things now. But that doesn't mean I'm not doing anything. 


If you have a heart for a certain cause, I encourage you to dive in today!

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