Truth Never Goes Out of Style

September 19, 2017


I'm not a fashionable person. I like jeans and t-shirts, no make up and a disheveled bun, and I love being barefoot. I don't understand trends and I rarely follow them. Currently, fashion trends from the 90's are coming back in style: overalls, jellies, and high-waisted jeans are sweeping through the nation, giving me flashbacks to my childhood. 


But what I realized today is that fashion is like truth: things always come back around. 


The revelations we had months or years ago will come back around as sweet reminders of who God is and who we are. 


A year and a half ago I wrote the blog posts that now make up the book His Story. The truths I unpacked then are still applicable to my life today. In fact, lately, God has been reminding me of so many of the characteristics I discuss in the book. It's as if he's taking me back through and reminding me of the importance of remembering who he is! 


In the past month alone, I've received a number of incredible blessings, reminding me that God is, in fact, a good Father who loves his children. 


You see, I struggle to accept my identity or role as daughter. I want to be "in charge", I want to earn everything, I want the pride of accomplishment, not the humility of gratitude. Anyone with me on this one?


I struggle to receive things, but lately, God has been reminding me that he is so much bigger and so much greater than I can realize. The truth of God being my Father is timeless, it will never, ever go out of style, and it will never be something that I stop reminding myself of. 


What about you? Are there any lessons from years ago that you continue to remind yourself of again and again? Are there certain truths that you find yourself coming back to when the storms of life hit? 


Check out His Story

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