My Latest, Audacious, Generous Idea

August 24, 2017

Have you ever had an idea that sounded great at the time only to think twice on it later?


Let me explain. 


Years ago I a conversation with the Lord that went a little something like this: 


"God, please give me money so I can give it away." 


"That's not how it works; start giving now, with what you have. Be faithful with the small things and then I will trust you with more." 


Since then I have started small and given as I could. 


Then he began daring me to tithe an entire paycheck (twice this has happened), which sounds great until you only have $35 in your bank account and bills to pay. 

Then he asked me to take 6 months off to give my time and skills away, which sounds great until you see your savings account drop steadily month after month. 


In the month of October, I'll be publishing my first ebook. I've been researching book launches and book promotion, strategizing my book to make it as profitable as possible. I've dreamed of what I would do with the extra, passive income that it will provide. 


But then God reminded me of a promise I made years ago: 


"God, I'll give my first book as a tithe to you." 


I'm going to be honest with you: I wrestled with this one a little bit. I hadn't told this promise to anyone else; I could've just skipped over it and pretended like I had forgotten the promise uttered long ago when I thought I'd be publishing my first book when I was rolling in the dough without a care in the world because I was a full-time writer extraordinaire (younger me had such hubris). 


But I'm sharing this with you because I am going to fulfill my promise. All of the proceeds from this first book will be given away - I'm not keeping a dime. In the coming weeks I'll be sharing more about the ebook so be sure to stay tuned for that! 


I'm not sharing this story with you because I want a pat on the back or to be applauded. I'm sharing this with you to challenge you to make a big, audacious goal that's in line with your core values and your truest self. This might look like intentionally honoring the boss or co-worker who's mean to you. Or maybe it means opening up your house more often because you feel called to be hospitable. It might mean turning off the television or your phone and having a real conversation with someone, flexing your relational muscle. 


Whatever it is, I encourage you to live audaciously and authentically. Ask the Lord what he's challenging you to do in this season and then trust that he'll give you the courage and the wherewithal to follow through. 


After all, when we take a leap of faith, he's right there with us, cheering us on. 


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