It's Everywhere!

September 25, 2017

Have you ever gone from unaware of something to hyper-aware of it? It's like watching a movie starring an actor you've never heard of, only to see them in the next 5 movies you watch. Or you buy a new car only for it to seem like everyone and their mom decided to do the exact same thing. Or when someone comments about the squeaky fan or a tapping noise that becomes the only thing you can hear. 


It's funny how, once you're made aware of something, it seems to be everywhere. 


Recently, I was talking with a group of friends and we were all sharing about what we're currently going through. As each person shared their current struggles, I kept coming back to who God is. 


You're not spending time with God? How do you view his character? 

You're struggling with your identity? Who is God? As we learn we can trust him, we can trust what he says about us! 

You're not sure what to do next? That's okay, let's reach out to the One who does! 


I've spent months and months pondering just a few of the attributes that are part of God's character, so I see glimpses of them everywhere. Lately, it's been hard for me to be in a conversation with someone and not bring up the character of God.


I attended a wedding and saw God's provision and omniscience. 

I was offered a job and saw God's kindness. 

I spent time with community and saw God's love. 

I read my Bible and see God's power. 

I speak with friends and can't help but talk about who God is. He's everywhere! 


His presence and character is so apparent to me in this season, and I hope it's the same for you!


Where have you seen God show up this week? In what ways have you seen his goodness and love in your life? 


Learn more about God's character in His Story, a 30-day devotional. 



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