His Story Preview: God is Our Father

September 21, 2017


Some of you have been following along and wondering just what His Story is all about. Well, I'm glad you asked. Today, I'm giving you a special sneak-peek into this devotional on the character of God. Enjoy!


In my experience, everyone has daddy issues. I was recently talking to a good friend of mine who has a great father who loved her and her siblings well. She struggled for years in seeing God as her father because her father is so good to her. 


I’m saddened to say that my friend’s experience is an exception. For many, there's a negative, whether minor or major, that stems from your interaction (or lack thereof) with your father during adolescence. If you’re one of those who has “daddy issues” I want to give you hope: you’re not alone, you’re not defective, you’re not a failure. While your father may have hurt you, you have a Heavenly Father who is perfect and loves you more than you can fathom. 


Read Luke 11:10-13 


God isn't out to do bad things to you or create problems for you, he's a loving father who wants the absolute best for you. Sometimes our understanding of "what's best for us" isn't accurate and needs to be changed, but when we know God's character we can trust that he's looking out for us. 


When I think of God as my heavenly father, I get a mental image of a child helping their parent cook. The kid, of course, wants to eat the food immediately, as soon as it's freed from the stove or taken off the grill, but the parent tells them "no", instructing them to wait. The kid is upset, not understanding why they have to wait, but the parent knows that the hot food would injure the child they love. 


I feel like God, many times, is the same way. We want something and we beg and plead for it, yet he knows it's bad for us or that we're not ready so he tells us "no" or "wait" to protect us because he loves us dearly. Yet, our finite, human minds perceive this as a withholding of something good, not realizing it’s for our ultimate benefit. Now, looking back on my short life, I am thankful God said “no” to me on certain things and “wait” on others. 


Don’t get me wrong, seeing God as father isn’t easy and I surely don’t have it figured out. There are times when I’ll cry and stamp my little feet, insisting upon my own way, completely going against the expressed words of my loving father. But, every day I’m learning to come back to him when I fail. Little by little I’m understanding his voice better and obeying more quickly than I did before. I’m becoming more consistent in choosing to come to him with trust and openness because he is worthy. I am a work in progress and my Daddy God is there with me all the way, celebrating each small step. 


Lord, thank you that you are my father who loves me perfectly even when I’m less than lovable. Please continue showing this part of your character to us as we grow closer to you. For anyone with daddy issues, I ask that you would begin to heal those wounds and fill the voids left by earthly fathers. Thank you for loving us and welcoming us into your family. Amen! 


To go deeper: Read Isaiah 63:16, Psalm 68:5, Matthew 6:9, James 1:17, 1 John 3:1 

Listen to: Good, Good Father


Learn more about God's character in His Story



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