From Dream to Reality: My Faith Journey

August 31, 2017



Today, we’re going to take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to talk about dreams. I’m not talking about the things we experience at night while we’re sleeping, but the goals we have set for our future.


Dreams are those things we long to see happen in this world and then work toward achieving. But it’s funny how a dream that seemed so huge, can grow into something bigger than you thought possible.


More than 6 years ago (I’m terrible with dates, so bear with me) I had an idea for a devotional on the character of God. I knew that learning the truth of God's character was important and I wanted to help others come to see who the amazing God we serve is! I started writing it but didn't get very far. 


5 years ago, my friend was moving out of state, taking a huge leap of faith, to fully devote a year of her life to serving God. She was a baby Christian and I had been encouraging her and giving her resources to strengthen her faith as she prepared to leave. One day, while I was stuck in traffic, at a dead stop on the freeway, I had an idea: why not give the devotional I had started writing to her? It was probably about halfway done and I had just a couple weeks left to finish it. And I did. I sent her packing, armed with this devotional - I thought that was enough.


1 1/2 years ago the idea resurrected once again.


Why not call it “His Story” and spend 30 days on my blog going through exactly who God is as revealed through the gospels?


This was the first time I had ever published 30 posts in a month - talk about a challenge!


The idea for “His Story” was followed up with other stories (some of which I have yet to write). But, a few months after His Story, I wrote “My Story”, a 15 day series about who I am in Christ.


Here's the amazing part: that idea for a devotional I had all those years ago is going to be released to the world!


On October 3rd, His Story is going to be published! Woo Hoo! 


More than that, if you pre-order "His Story" you can get the 15-day devotional, "My Story" for free! Yes, I said it, for free, as my thank-you to you!


Once you've placed your order, just head on over to and enter in your name, email address you'd like My Story to be sent to, and your receipt number. It's that simple! 


Let's dive into the truths about who we are and who God is together! 


But my dream isn't the only one that can become reality. 


I'm not the exception to the rule. I'm not some special case or an anomaly... Your dreams can become a reality too! It'll take hard work and many miracles along the way, but your dreams are entirely possible! If you're feeling like your dream can't be done, that's okay. I'd encourage you to spend some time praying and submitting it to the Lord, and asking him to direct your steps. It's amazing to watch him come through each time! 


Do you have any dreams that have become reality? I want to celebrate with you!

Are there any that you're still waiting to be fulfilled? I want to pray with you!


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