Circumstances vs. Character: How Do you View God?

August 28, 2017


Life is crazy.


No matter what stage or season of life you’re in, things can begin to feel as though they are spiraling out of control.


Unexpected bills come up.

Your family drama invades your personal space.

Someone gets sick.

You experience a setback.


And if you’re married or have kids this list is compounded exponentially.


In the midst of the storm it’s easy to wonder and ask questions like:


God, where are you?

If you’re so good why is this happening?

Why do bad things happen to good people?


When things are going wrong, we can quickly become resentful or angry or run away from God. 


I used to think that when things went wrong it meant God didn’t love me anymore.

When I felt alone I thought he had left me.

Sickness meant he wasn’t a healer.

Tragedy meant he wasn’t powerful.

Hurt meant he wasn’t a comforter.


And I came to realize that my view of God was based on circumstances.


But then I began to study who God is.


The Bible records for us exactly who God is:


He is love.

He is powerful.

He is empathetic.

He is warm.

He is truth.

He is God.


Now, because I have a better understanding of who God is, I feel as though I can weather the storms of life better than I could before. Will I still fail? Yes. But I am learning that I don't need to run from him in times of trouble. Because I know he's a good Father who loves me, I can run to him, trusting who he is.


I encourage you to begin reading through the Bible for yourself and identifying exactly who God is. If you don’t know where to begin, start with the book of Matthew and study the works of Jesus. See how he lived and loved the people around him, though their situation surely was crazy.


When the storms of life come do you run to God or run away from him?

Do the circumstances you’re facing influence your view of him? Or does your knowledge of God influence your view of your circumstances?


You can pre-order your copy of His Story, a 30 day devotional on the character of God today. 


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