Why His Story?

October 1, 2017


His Story is being released in just a few days, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to share my heart behind this ebook. 


I'm naturally a skeptic. When I'm presented with an idea or a concept, my first inclination is to doubt. I'm naturally distrusting of others and like to base my beliefs on what I can see and measure. So trusting and believing the Word of God has been difficult for me. 


For years I thought I wasn't a good Christian. I thought that I wasn't built to have a life of faith - I doubted who God is, focusing wholly on my circumstances instead. 


Then I dared to consider an audacious thought: what if I focused on God's character instead of my circumstances? 


Then His Story was born. When I know who God is, I can trust his promises. When I know God is good, I don't have to be afraid. When I know God is empathetic, I can express myself. When I know God is a Father, I can approach him freely. 


But the fun thing about this crazy, faith-filled journey is that the things done for God just get bigger and bigger - they can't be contained! 


Out of His Story, My Story was born. When we know who God is, we can courageously believe we are who he says we are. If we don't know who God is, how can we possibly trust what he has to say about us? 


My Story is a devotional about who we are in Christ and is free for those who preorder His Story. You can learn more here


For years, I struggled with my identity, I still do, to be honest. I think that I'm less than. I think I'm dumb. I think I'll never amount to anything. But then the voice of God begins to grow louder over the swirling voices of doubt - you are a loved child. You are free. You are complete in me. 


My hope is that His Story will draw each reader into deeper intimacy with the Lord and that My Story will challenge the readers to accept who they truly are in Christ. I believe the truths contained in these books are life-changing and I am so thankful and privileged that the Lord would use me to communicate them with you! It's an incredible honor. 


Click here to learn more and order His Story today! 

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