Because understanding the character of God helps us navigate through life. 


I have learned that when things begin to go wrong, I can always return to who God is. When situations seem crazy, because I know who God is, I am able to step back and still praise Him, not based on my circumstances, but because of His character. The Bible says that God is unchanging, He’s a constant, and He longs to be known by His people. Through this study, we’re going to learn a little more about who God is, with the ultimate goal of drawing nearer to Him. 


"I'm genuinely loving His Story, because I feel like it's taking me back to basics. I get to relearn the character of God. I feel like this will be as beneficial to new believers as to those searching as to those who have walked with Him for a long time."


"Just reading your first devotional- you made me work and physically search his word, read his word, and then you explain in the beautiful way only you can to help understand his word and then you challenged me. Your writing is personally helping the reader work to grow. Love it!"


"I honestly never gave much thought to the Biblical stories. I just saw them as stories... This is very, Very, VERY well written and from the heart."



Sarah is an avid writer and blogger and seeks to create books and programs to help people connect with themselves, their faith, and the world around them. 


Some of her favorites include: coffee shops, rainy days, a well crafted sentence, and a beautiful work of art. Some dislikes include: having photos taken and driving in traffic. 


Her life motto is: Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story is worthy of being shared.